Project Overview

The purpose of this blog is to start putting myself first. In my day-to-day duties as an Account Director, I manage multiple projects. I work hard to ensure that these projects are executed flawlessly, come under budget and that the client is satisfied. So I decided to take that same approach to my life. Thus creating…..THE BETTER ME PROJECT.

Since a lot of the content of these blogs is extremely personal to me, it is not my intention to broadcast to all of my family and friends that I’m doing this. This is my personal journey project. IF you did by chance stumble upon this blog and read something that concerns you or that you want to talk to me about, please don’t….or at least NOT until I’m ready and I invite you in.

Thank you so much for your understanding and continued support.

2 thoughts on “Project Overview

  1. I am on a journey to better me, too. Looking forward to sharing and learning with you. Please check out my blog (if the link’s not already automatically inserted, it’s wwahhmpreneur dot com).

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