My Reality Step Towards a BETTER Me…

I’ve come to realize that if I’m NOT healthy, then nothing else really matters. So my first order of business is to get that one area of my life in order…physical health. To assist with this phase of the project, I consulted with the professionals today….WEIGHT WATCHERS. I contemplated whether or not the $39.95 per month for the monthly pass was worth the money…then I quickly realized that YES….I’m worth it.

So I joined and reality set in with three digits…389. After I weighed in, the WW rep handed me my cute little platinum coffee bronze 2010 pocket guide with my first stamp at 7:32 pm on 12/30/09 with 389.0 lb.  When I saw that number, my heart skipped a beat and I wanted to pass out. Instead I said to myself…”ok, this is it…now you know your number…so own it and keep moving towards becoming a BETTER ME”.


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